new duo album one two from jenna & mairi: april 2017

"The chemistry between Moynihan & Chaimbeul is a tangible, palpable entity at the heart of their collaboration, making for as natural a sound as I have yet heard in contemporary, instrumental acoustic music, and a classic example of how wonders can transpire when you find ‘your people.’ 

David Morrison, Folk Radio UK

"The fiddle-harp duo of Jenna Moynihan and Mairi Chaimbeul represents the best of today’s traditional music: innovative, sensitive and hinging on the intimate interplay between expert instrumentalists"

- amelia mason, The ARTery, WBUR

"There is tension and beauty and jubilee that build and flow from each and every note on this record. ...this is music that is to be felt and taken into your heart ... something of pure magic" 

- david carroll, red line roots

brand new album Group manoeuvre from Aerialists
released September 19th 2017


"Group Manoeuvre is a dazzling display of stellar musicianship, inventive arrangements, and genre-melding music inhabiting a world of its own... enchants, beguiles and thrills from the first note to the last"

David Morrison, folk radio uk

"genre bending, rule defying, brain shattering collection of wildly astute purveyors of sound ... cunning, exhilarating and at times almost emotionally overwhelming"

-maddy cristall, CBc

"Entire worlds seem travelled... there is a sense of urgency, lightheartedness, menace, and stillness ... a feat of exploration and effort that you don’t want to miss."

-elizabeth andrews, spill magazine